Blue Steel Brides Guide to Wedding Veils and my Bespoke Veil Making Service


If you have recently spent any time on Instagram looking for ideas for your perfect wedding gown, then you will have noticed that in most of the styled shoots there is a beautiful and perfectly placed wedding veil: romantic, flowing and providing added wow factor to the dream dress.

Following on from my previous blog postI will be answering some of the most searched for veil questions and telling you how my 

bespoke veil service can help you achieve the look you desire for the big day.

Should I wear a veil? How do I choose a veil? What do wedding veils cost? Welcome to the world of fingertip, mantilla and cathedral, sparkle, tulle and lace.......


The FA Cup Final V The Royal Wedding: A Weekend of Great British Traditions........and maybe a statement veil?

This weekend we will be witness to two great British occasions,watched all over the world, but which one will you have your eye on? Will it be The Royal Wedding or possibly the greatest contest in British Sport; The FA cup final.

Like many of you,especially all the 2018 Brides, I will definitely be wanting to see Meghan Markle’s wedding dress and statement veil ( more on this shortly), but this year the FA Cup Final is personally a poignant reminder of loss, family memories and the passing of time.....


Where it all began: Talent, Tutus and How The Royal Wedding Changed My Life







How many of you have had one of those " light bulb" moments ? 
I don't mean the sort you have after too many drinks in the local when you cook up hair brain schemes that will change the world and make you a millionaire. But rather the sort of light bulb moments that totally change your view on something. What you thought you believed to be true is blown out of the water; you see things in sharp focus and it changes how you approach life from here on in.

Around about 2011 I had three of these moments.Their combined effect set my life on a different path and allowed me the courage to keep on that path, with all it's ups and downs.

Blue Steel Boutique: small space, big dreams ; tutus, ballet,dance, bridal and creating beautiful things




Blue Steel Boutique is my small studio with big dreams! If you are interested in tutus,ballet,wedding dresses and design,enjoy a good read and like to be inspired then you might just enjoy this blog. 

In this creative space I design,make,learn,research,puzzle,get insanely frustrated with technology but generally find great calm and fulfilment in bringing to life beautiful work. This has been my lifesaver and motivator especially when life has thrown  some tough curve balls. 

There is one really important thing i have learnt from different jobs I've had and that's what has finally forced me to stop procrastinating and start writing....


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